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Drone Infrared

Drone Infrared

DRONE INFRARED IMAGING It is truly amazing that a flying machine can hover over a building and take an infrared picture!  Drone Infrared Imaging has been doing this time and time again.  The results are pretty Phenomenal.  Even in the midst of some conditions which are less than perfect, the infrared seems to be true to form. I have had roofing contractors test my infrared pictures to see if they are accurate.  Overwhelmingly the answer has been yes.  You have heard it said, "a picture is worth a thousand words".  Well a drone infrared picture is worth thousands upon thousands of dollars.  Contractors have been able to replace wet insulation and install new to give a secure option for owners, knowing they have a dry roof system.  It has also served to send to a manufacturer a proof of dry insulation for reroof purposes or to indicate the areas of wet insulation replaced.
Drone Infrared

All blues are sporadic aluminum coating. Darker reds and white are wet insulation.  

The Below picture on this post was a roof that had wet insulation.  The contractor replaced the wet insulation and roofing and installed a GACO S20 100% Silicone Roof Coating with a 15-year warranty.  This saved the owners over $100,000 from other contractors.  These are some amazing pictures taken by Drone Infrared Imaging.  No matter what your need is we are here to help.

This picture allowed the roofing contract to tear out the wet areas and replace and coat the roof.

GACO Roof Coating

Finished product as a result of Drone Infrared which allows owner to install GACO Coating to save thousands.