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Roof Infrared Required


Roof Infrared Required Building Owners, Condominium boards, Apartment complexes or any owner of a flat roof need to require an infrared scan of their roofs.  A simple clause in the quote requirements which states "ROOF INFRARED REQUIRED".  Infrared cameras mounted onto a drone make the process very economical for the information that one will receive.  Heat losses, higher radiant heat, roof emissivity, ponding water or different colors of roofing material all play a part in proper determination of what is going on under your roof system. Core samples Yes a core sample of your roof can tell how many roof layers are installed over the deck.  It can also tell where there is moisture within the core sample.  However it is only giving a microcosm  of the roof system's moisture trapped under the roof system.  Core samples can help the roofing contractor determine how many layers, how thick the roof is, whether there is insulation and possibly how difficult it is to tear off the roof system.  The best scenario and the most economical is to find out the existing roof can be roofed over.
Roof Infrared Required
The radiant heat from this roof is proving there is very little or no wet insulation. This proved to be true and was confirmed by the roofing contractor.
Reroof vs Tear Off There should always be an infrared scan if the existing roof is going to be re-roofed.  Roof infrared required should be inserted into every roof proposal with the option of a reroof.  Larger buildings can have a roof infrared performed quickly and efficiently.  This will tell the contractor as well as the owner just how much wet insulation will need to be removed during the reroof process.  Tearing off an existing roof is a different story.  All the roofing and insulation will be removed and disposed of.  A roof infrared should be brought in on the front end to determine the roof's need to be tore off.