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Drone Infrared


Drone Infrared Imaging provides quick assessments We used to have a saying in my many years of roofing, "If it looks good, it is good".  Let's not take the saying to far and let's only apply it to roofing.  Is it always true, no.  Most of the time, however, it is. Where should you start to assess your roof?  Drones provide a quick overview of properties.  You can tell a lot from a different perspective.  Pictures, video and infrared scans can reveal a lot about your roof.  A trained professional can recognize damage and or irregularities in the roof system immediately by sending a drone with an HD camera in the air.  An owner or a manager should start with a quick assessment to determine if they need to go deeper in the inspection process. One of two things will happen.  Repairs are detected through looking at the in flight screen or photographs taken.  This could mean further inspection is needed.  Or no further inspection is needed because the roofs look good.  Talk about money savings! Infrared Roof Photographs The above is also true of infrared imaging.  The featured picture shows the buildings in the foreground which need to be replaced.  The buildings in the background have been replaced.  Therefore not all roofs are in need of further inspection.  The radiant heat being emitted from the front roofs is significant, as seen below.  The larger dark blue areas are actually areas of ponding water on the roof.  Insulation saturated with water collapses over time.  As a result, areas of ponding water become more numerous.  Allow Drone Infrared Imaging the opportunity to provide you with the information you need to make smart educated decisions. Drone Infrared