Unreachable Inspections

Drone Infrared Imaging Unreachable Inspections

What is meant by an unreachable inspection? It would be any area that would require a piece of equipment to get to such as a crane or ropes to propel off of. There is tremendous cost in the Chicago area involved for this type of expertise. Allow Drone Infrared Imaging to take pictures and or video of these areas to make sure things are operating as they should.


Let’s say a cell tower provider, or any tall Chicago building or object for that matter, wants to see how their equipment is performing. Pictures or video can be taken of those areas safely with a drone. Using a drone reduces the liability or risk that’s involved sending someone to inspect the area.

For buildings in the Chicago area over two stories, our infrared drone’s are able to reveal water damage or energy loss. This invaluable service will save you money, reduce liability, minimize risk to human life and can be completed in a fraction of the time any other service can provide.

Drone Infrared Imaging Unreachable Inspections Cell Towers
Drone Infrared Imaging Unreachable Inspections


Let’s even go a step further and infrared the equipment and or building via drone to see hot spots or determine moisture infiltration. Catching problems early on accomplishes two things, one it saves money in the long run and two allows equipment to continue to operate as it should. I hate to mention the “M” word but I have to. Mold is a very real problem in the Chicago area when continuous moisture feeds the flame so to speak. Determining the moisture infiltration early will stop the infestation of mold. If you’re interested in learning more about Drone Infrared Imaging please contact us today.

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