Infrared Scans

Drone Infrared Imaging

Thermal imaging cameras along with drones are being used in many more Chicago area industries than ever before. One of the most common is the roofing industry. Low slope roofs can now have an infrared scan taken of the whole roof allowing for detection of hot spots or moisture infiltration caused by leaks in the roof membrane. Other Chicago areas such as cell towers, water towers, electric lines, industrial stacks, search and rescue, fire departments and agriculture benefit from drone usage.


Everything in life has a temperature and can be measured. You could say, wow that’s really cool but what does it do for me? In a Chicago area flat roof system, the ambient temperature (temperature of the air) is where you want your roof to get to as quickly as possible after the sun goes down this is called emissivity (the time it takes to get to ambient temperature). If areas of the roof stay hot usually that is an indication of moisture that has gotten through the roof system and into the insulation. This helps us make decision regarding that system with the help of drones. Is the roof too saturated with water? Does the roof need to be replaced? Can the roof still be repair? Can the roof be reroofed after the wet insulation is removed?

Drone Infrared Imaging Scans
Drone Infrared Imaging Scans


Because everything in life has a temperature, there is a certain range of temperature that everything is supposed to operate in Chicago. Not range everything is the same but there is a range. Engines should run at a certain temperature. Electric power lines also should have a range of temperatures. Photovoltaic Solar should operate at another temperature. Managing these temperature allows things to operate correctly. Strong variations in temperatures usually means two things, it either needs to be replaced or it needs to be fixed. If you’re interested in learning more about Drone Infrared Imaging please contact us today.

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