Commercial Flat or Shingle Roof Inspections

At Drone Infrared Imaging we can provide aerial roof photos with clarity and detail. We can perform drone infrared scans of your Chicago area roof with a larger overview than traditional infrared scanning cameras. Commercial flat roofs particularly benefit from this due to their vast size. Drone Infrared Imaging has the expertise and outstanding customer service that will ensures your Chicago area Commercial Flat or Shingle Roof Inspection needs are met.

Drone Roof Inspections for Managed Commercial Properties

We can work together with Chicago area property managers who are very busy people who need help taking care of their roofing needs. They want an honest assessment of their roofs and most of all they don’t want to be taken advantage of. I can give them the tools to make smart decisions and in the end save money for their property owners.

Drone over shingled properties to access roofing needs in order to estimate costs for repairs

Drone Infrared Imaging will produce competitive pricing from roofing contractors. If you have a Chicago area roofing contractor it will not only inform them of what needs to be done on each building, but it will also allow repairs to be done more efficiently.

Commercial Flat or Shingle Roof Inspections
Commercial Flat or Shingle Roof Inspections

Aerial storm damage assessments using drones

After a major windstorm in the Chicago area, all roofs should be drone inspected. This could eliminate major damage to the inside of the property by quickly taking care of the damage caused by the storm.

Energy Efficiency Drone Scan

Energy efficiency is a concern for Chicago area buildings. You will often hear people talking about building an envelope, or better known as the energy efficiency, of all outer surfaces of your Chicago area building. Thermal scans and drone inspection can help us determine where there is energy loss in a particular building. Many times this helps us determine what to do to rectify the loss of energy.

Commercial Flat or Shingle Roof Inspections
Commercial Flat or Shingle Roof Inspections

Drone Infrared scan of flat roofs or of buildings (to determine energy efficiency)

We can assess whether a Chicago area commercial flat roof has wet insulation under the roof system by doing a drone infrared scan. This allows us to determine whether the roof needs to have the wet insulation and roofing removed at specific areas allowing the life of the existing roof to be extended. We can also determine if the roof, through thermal imaging using drones, needs to be replaced. This is very beneficial especially with multiple buildings in the Chicago area.  Through a drone infrared scan, we can educate the building owner, condominium or property manager which building is in need of attention immediately and which buildings have the longest amount of life still left in them. If you’re interested in learning more please contact us today.

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